The story of a craftsman - Who is Burak Sarhanlı ?

The story of a craftsman - Who is Burak Sarhanlı ?

Discover the Artistry of Burak Sarhanlı: Creator of Resin Wood Living


Unveil the remarkable journey of Burak Sarhanlı, the visionary behind Resin Wood Living. Hailing from the vibrant landscapes of Turkey, Burak's journey is an inspiring tale of passion, craftsmanship, and creativity that has transformed into Resin Wood Living—a harmonious blend of skill, epoxy resin, and artistic vision.


Crafting Epoxy Resin Art:


Burak's innate desire to turn his skills into tangible artistry became the driving force behind the inception of Resin Wood Living. With a profound appreciation for both the essence of tradition and the boundless possibilities of innovation, he embarked on a transformative creative journey, breathing life into captivating epoxy resin products.


A Friendship That Shaped Destiny:


In the realm of creative exploration, Burak's path serendipitously crossed with that of Behlül Çoban—an accomplished craftsman and a kindred spirit. This encounter marked the union of two artistic souls, birthing a creative partnership that would reshape the world of epoxy and wood artistry.


Bringing Life to Spaces:


Together, Burak and Behlül weave magic into living spaces, infusing them with vibrant hues, timeless elegance, and visual enchantment. Their creations traverse the confines of geography, transcending borders to create fresh, captivating atmospheres that resonate deeply with homeowners and admirers across the globe.


Moments of Significance:


The resonance of Resin Wood Living's artistry transcends mere aesthetics—it intertwines with life's most cherished moments. From the enchantment of welcoming a new year to the warmth of celebrating anniversaries and birthdays, their creations hold the power to evoke profound emotions and touch hearts.


Mastery and Recognition:


In the realm of epoxy and wood craftsmanship, Behlül Çoban emerges as a distinguished figure, celebrated for his mastery and innovative contributions. Parallelly, Burak Sarhanlı's unwavering dedication and ingenious craftsmanship have earned him the prestigious international quality award, a testament to his excellence as an epoxy and wood designer.


An Ode to Passion and Friendship:


Beyond being a brand, Resin Wood Living epitomizes the synergy of passion, friendship, and artistic devotion. It symbolizes the profound impact of pursuing one's calling while forging meaningful connections. As you delve into the journey that birthed Resin Wood Living, you're invited to witness the harmonious fusion of color, warmth, and innovation that define the captivating world of epoxy and wood art.


Embark on a journey with us—one that celebrates creativity, pays homage to friendship, and marvels at the boundless possibilities of resin-infused wood artistry. Resin Wood Living invites you to witness the magic born from dedication, inspiration, and the shared vision of Burak Sarhanlı and Behlül Çoban.





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