The story of two craftsmen - Who are Burak and Behlül?

Burak Sarhanlı, the creator of Resin Wood Living, is a craftsman born and raised in Turkey. Resin Wood Living came about when Burak wanted to use his skills to produce epoxy resin products.

Burak, who started many sales on the Etsy platform, met Behlül Çoban, who would later become his close friend and master.

They deliver their work that adds color to many people's homes, creates a brand new atmosphere and gives visual pleasure to people all over the world.

They warm the hearts of many on New Year's Eve, anniversaries, birthdays and many more special occasions and events.

Behlül Çoban is one of the most famous epoxy and wood craftsman in Turkey.
Burak Sarhanlı was also deemed worthy of the international quality award as the most successful epoxy and wood designer of the year in Turkey.

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