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Epoxy Resin & Wood Serving Tray - No Edge Serving Tray

Epoxy Resin & Wood Serving Tray - No Edge Serving Tray

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Make a nice addition to the atmosphere of your home with these serving trays, created with the perfect harmony of wood and epoxy. These perfect trays will match with any interior design and make it more perfect.

  • Each tray will be custom made with each new order. This means the tray that you buy will be uniquely made just for you.
  • If you want any additions or special lookings for your order, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Every order that does not contain any special requests will be tried to be made as close to the images.
  • Materials: Resin,Wood,Epoxy
  • Colors may appear in different hues on screens of different devices.

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